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Investing in Business Opportunity & Growth

MBS Financial Investment Group is interested in funding investments with Private & institutional capital including Joint Venture funding businesses which do not meet conventional & unconventional private & bank lending parameters. Typically, our clients are in the midst of a turnaround – workout management program, are evolving out of Failed Project Funding circumstances or have a time sensitive industry disruptive business opportunity. Regardless of the problem – The opportunity is our focus.

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Projects MBS Welcomes

    • Declining Revenue Trends
    • Little to no earnings/EBITDA
    • Deficit net worth
    • In violation of bank loan covenants
    • In forbearance or workout at the bank
    • Considering bankruptcy filing
    • Chapter 11 Debtor-in-possession
    • In need of a creative exit financing option
    • In need of NO CREDIT equipment financing
    • In need of a revolving line of credit – mezzanine –floor planning – etc.
    • In need of an ongoing capital expansion partner

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Our Key Interests:

    • Industry Disruptive Innovation Investment Opportunities
    • Patent & Intellectual property investment opportunities
    • M&A as well as Expansion & Contract Funding Opportunities
    • Renewable Energy & Health Care Industry
    • SaaS Software as Service Industry software & market funding
    • In addition to financing turnarounds, we also fund new businesses, those experiencing rapid growth or which simply cannot access the funding they need from a bank.

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