We Buy Debt

MBS Financial, LLC purchases performing and non-performing distressed debt.

From a single troubled account to an entire portfolio; MBS provides options for lenders and commercial financiers with troubled accounts making them WHOLE as the originating source while extending settlement & restructured payments to the client’s additional creditors in a complete debt buy out service including (DIP) Debtor in Possession Chapter 11 Bankruptcy funding scenarios.

MBS works with a variety of financial institutions, including:

  • • Credit Unions
  • • Commercial Finance Companies
  • • Attorneys
  • • Retail merchants of commercial products
  • • Manufacturers
  • • Captive OEM entities adjusting their in-house portfolios

Selling your commercial and distressed debt to MBS Financial, LLC makes good business sens, as it:

  • • Provides immediate cash for reinvestment
  • • Reduces holdings and servicing costs; minimizes reliance upon collection department personnel
  • • Strengthens balance sheet
  • • Positively impacts stock value
  • • Minimizes your potential liability
  • • Selling accounts is a viable cost effective alternative to securitization
  • • Reduce your administrative costs and the uncertainty surrounding the value of an in-house collections process.
  • • Selling can improve loan-loss and debt to equity ratios
  • • Eliminates loss through debtor bankruptcy

MBS Financial purchases many different types of commercial debt Including small business loans, installment loans, equipment leases and virtually any assets based commercial loan as well as stalled or defaulted notes of other types

MBS Financial has developed a proven and effective process for reviewing, purchasing, and collecting both performing and non-performing receivables infusing unconventional investment capital into selected businesses and complete portfolio buying programs. Adhering strictly to the laws governing the debt buying process, including confidentiality and debt collection laws, we refinance and collect balances owed in a recapitalization process.

Additionally; MBS is interested in providing the capital required to facilitate the reorganization & workout funding of a troubled client within your performing portfolio for a discounted invoice on the funds provided to bring your client current.

We look forward to helping your client complete their turnaround or fulfill their capital requirements.

We Buy Debt Application

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We will buy secured & unsecured accounts up to one year old from the date of last payment!

Let’s explore you’re the investment recovery of your Performing and Non-Performing Commercial Paper Portfolio. Fill out our quick overview questionnaire and we will set an appointment to discuss the best scenario to fit your needs.

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