About MBS Financial

MBS Financial was born out of several years of serving commercial portfolios and discovering that more than 50% of failing businesses were unaware of where to secure the appropriate funding and services to restructure their debt and get their business realigned with the market changes or other circumstances that derailed their original business plan.

Constantly exploring creative and innovating financial instruments

MBS is focused on filling in the gap of conventional & unconventional Investment Funding. Unique business funding projects & opportunities are not only our passion but in fact (Our Purpose).

Business Problems are The OPPORTUNITIES

Need is the mother of invention. Together we bridge opportunity with methodologies to achieve the appropriate investment fund.

Private investment group

Our private investment group is expansively active across several industries but focused on disruptive market opportunities. MBS understands the underwriting requirements of a matching fund and plays an instrumental role is the final business-client diligence packaging and presentation to best fit the prerequisites of the matching investor (s).

Developing non proprietary financial instruments

Robert implemented unconventional financial resources into workouts and turnarounds while developing relationships with Funds of Funds & Private Investors hence the birth of MBS Financial LLC to address the financial needs of small business in the 90’s. As a pioneer of the now common “Merchant Acct. Cash Advance” MBS worked with hedge funds to back new Funds of Funds applications including private label credit for sellers of business services and products.

Attracted to Pre-IPO business relationships

Robert continues to draw together his Round Table Network of experts from virtually every industry to complete corporate finance projects including private banking – private equity raise – conventional & unconventional Investment strategies.

Utilizing both international banking assets as well as Hybrid 100% Surety Bonds

Utilizing both international banking assets as well as Hybrid 100% Surety Bonds as underwriting guarantees to secure investment capital for both private and institutional funds,, Robert brings strategic partners and creative means to secure investors in 360 win win scenarios.

Creating new financial products and innovations

within the finance industry, Robert has developed marketing strategies to sync with the economic changes that have revealed opportunities that conventional funding sources are unable to take advantage of. MBS invests in and joint ventures business opportunities we believe in and become the creative bridge for its partner’s success. Open door resourcefulness and (Outside the Box) round tables are the ingenuity & hallmarks of MBS.

Investing in Business Opportunity & Growth

MBS Financial Investment Group is interested in funding investments with Private & institutional capital including Joint Venture funding businesses which do not meet conventional & unconventional private & bank lending parameters.
Typically, our clients are in the midst of a turnaround workout management program, are evolving out of Failed Project Funding circumstances or have a time sensitive industry disruptive business opportunity. Regardless of the problem – The opportunity is our focus.

MBS welcomes the following project funding opportunities

    Declining Revenue Trends

    Little to no earnings/EBITDA

    Deficit net worth

    In violation of bank loan covenants

    In forbearance or workout at the bank

    Considering bankruptcy filing

    Chapter 11 Debtor-in-possession

    In need of a creative exit financing option

    In need of NO CREDIT equipment financing

    In need of a revolving line of credit – mezzanine –floor planning – etc.

    In need of an ongoing capital expansion partner.

    MBS is interested in purchasing debt and considers bankruptcy A/R as well as bank or corporate performing & non-performing portfolios up to $50M.
    In addition to financing turnarounds, we also fund new businesses, those experiencing rapid growth or which simply cannot access the funding they need from a bank.

Our Key Interest:

    Industry Disruptive Innovation Investment Opportunities

    Patent & Intellectual property investment opportunities

    M&A as well as Expansion & Contract Funding Opportunities

    Renewable Energy & Health Care Industry

    SaaS Software as a Service Industry software & market funding

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